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GOLIJSKI KONACI - panoramic view
GOLIJSKI KONACI - view on all complex
GOLIJSKI KONACI - front view
GOLIJSKI KONACI - view on the pool
GOLIJSKI KONACI - swimming pool

Golijski konaci

Golijski konaci – Ivanjica (the village Komadine)

In the village of Komadine, at the foot of Natural Park and Bio-reserve, mountain Golija, near the Roman bridge and river Moravica, at the altitude of 650 meters, at the 15 km distance from Ivanjica, on the road Ivanjica-Golija, a rustic tourist household named „Golijski konaci“is located. It is the property of Milosavljevic family. In „Golijski konaci“, there are 20 beds at your disposal arranged in apartments in two houses“Golija“ and there are log cabins. There are bathrooms and cable TV in each of the apartments and a log cabin. „Golijski konaci“ has a common houseroom “Krčma“ a restaurant which is used like a dinning-room and a drawing-room as well. Guests can use an open swimming pool in summer with all the street furniture and an open bar.

Winners of the "touris flower"

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Official acknowledgement "tourist flower" has been awarded since 1982 on September 27 and Tourism day.
A special recognition is awarded to the organizations which improved the image of our country world wide through their activities and helped in promoting Serbia as an attractive tourist attraction.

Air spa Ivanjica

Based on years of research on climate influence on human health and after an exhaustive study, Ivanjica has been pronounced as the air spa by the statute enacted by the Government of the republic of Serbia on 26 January 2000.
Ivanjica, an air spa is located at the medium altitude of 468 meters, which is considered to be the optimal choice for the health and for the people with various diseases.

Ivanjica is surrounded by the mountains Golija (a mountain under the protection of UNESCO and yet an only nature bio-reserve) Javor, Mučanj, Malić and Čemernica. Numerous rivers and brooks of fresh and clean water scatter the town of Ivanjica with the abundance of forests, greenery and intact nature, moderate climate, natural sights, cultural monuments and healthy food represents a genuine oasis for tourists. Ivanjica spa covers 2156,5 hectares. The main healing factor is the air, respectively a set of characteristic climate factors. A recent study has unequivocally shown that this area is extremely beneficial for treatment and rehabilitation of anemia, lung diseases, allergies and neurological disease.


Draško Milosavljević

The village Komadine, 32250 Ivanjica,
Republic of Serbia

phone: +(381) 064/242-99-06